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Web Components Update

Work Done So Far

Throughout the weeks of understanding web components, there has been tons of new functions and coding techniques that were introduced to me since my last semester. We have started using our open-wc boilerplate to introduce our first project, creating a CTA Button. For the first week, our group has produced a not-so-pleasant-looking button, yet is the starting point into building something better. So far, our button has the functions of hovering, disabling, focusing, and activation, so far following all the necessary guidelines. HTML, CSS, and JS are the languages I have enjoyed learning and improving on so far this semester.

Easy Parts

So far, the button has been pretty straight forward with functionality and being visually appealing. Being able to design in CSS with our button and give it the professional look and functions has been "easy enough" with the help of examples and in-class walkthroughs. Although, there has been some challenges.


Some difficulties we have faced are mostly with GitHub, with the merging and pulling of different people's code. We have resolved most of our issues so far from talking in person with one another and getting our code on the same level. Other than that, the button project has been smooth.

What I've learned

I have learned to closely follow examples and code walkthroughs in class, as well as trying to get as much of a head-start as you can. We have been given the opportunity to have our code reviewed and improved so much, by just working ahead. It is awesome to have a great instructor who sees hard-work being done and giving all students the opportunity to progress their learning and code skills by working ahead on assignments and projects.

Our Repo:

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