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That is an amazing site, but isn’t “only works on Chrome” kind of a turnoff for anyone looking to hire you? Just asking because I don’t know, but if it doesn’t work on web browsers... It does show you’re more capable than I will ever be, but that’s a low bar. 😎


Haha it only doesn't work on Firefox, as far as I can tell. But yes, it should and I have some ideas to try later to get around it.

But, if I waited till it was perfect before I got some feedback on it, I'd have waited too long and possibly lost the motivation to even finish it.

It's important us devs don't dilly daddle too long with our work and ship something, even if it's not perfect on 100% browsers.

But yep I should fix it. As an experiment in whether I could build something like the Dribbble shot though, it's served its purpose.

And as I've said to others, this site might look pretty but it's really very simple. I wouldn't put yourself down at all, this is well within the capability of even a novice webdev to achieve.

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