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Discussion on: Dark devlog #2: what next?

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David Cooley

I'm incredibly interested in the package manager. Not so much in contributing to the development of it to be honest (not writing that off though), but in the sense that I feel my potential for contribution would increase greatly if suddenly I could contribute Dark code instead of OCaml. Learning OCaml is fun, but the barrier to making more meaningful Dark contributions would be almost nonexistent compared to that of doing the same thing in OCaml. In fact, some of the code I've already written in my app could easily become a Dark package if developed a bit further.

Coming from PHP I can't even imagine working without the expansive set of quality packages that are easily installable via Composer (PHP's excellent package manager). It is absolutely vital to that ecosystem and I think it could be here as well. It is like the difference of learning C and writing PHP extensions or contributing to the language itself (which relatively few people do) vs sharing solutions you already had to write in PHP (which is massively popular). Certainly all of it is necessary, but I'm sure you get my point.

Also, maybe in the contributors meeting you can discuss more what opportunities already exist for contributing actual Dark code?