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Sometimes the way is not easy, but that makes it more worth it.

For my first post, I thought I would share a look at my last few years on my road to becoming a developer, partly to let you know me a bit

At 41 this is now my 8th year in academic study for CS degrees. The first degree I started 7 years ago with The Open University
it was a great university, that was a good match for me not only because it gave me great support but it allowed me to study at a pace that was manageable with my anxiety and depression.

I won't lie to you, doing a degree is not easy, but what would be the point if it was.

There were many times when I felt like I could not do it and just wanted to quit. But I pushed through with great support from the university and family and in December 2016, I graduated with a BSc(Hons)Comp & IT with a grade of 2:1. As you can imagine I was ecstatic and so proud of myself.

I took a year out...... well sort of did. I get a bit restless and was well and truly bit by the learning bug.

Whilst I was doing my undergraduate degree I was in my spare time doing online courses. But it this gap year I went into overdrive did quite a number of an online course in everything from philosophy to core identity. I still do these course around my next degree and to date have completed over 146 of them. Also, during this time I create a Xamarin. forms app and put it on the AppStore completely ad-free and cost-free. As proof to myself, I can do it.

A year on after completing the undergraduate degree I decided to take the plunge again and went on to start my MSc Computer Science at Univeristy of Hertfordshire. I am still currently doing this degree, I have recently started my capstone project for the MSC, which is investigating and demonstrating the accuracy and usability of Azure maps services for developing location-aware systems. I should be completing this degree in mids 2020.

I feel that all this study. which ok it might be a bit overboard, has given me a better appreciation for other aspects of the development of software and the roles of other people and the demands on them as well. It has also help me better focus and deal with my mental health problems.

During my studies, I have found some useful resources and have put them up on Github page.

Unfortunately, despite all of this study I am still not working but my circumstances are difficult with my anxiety still keeping in the house.
Regardless though I will continue to study to learn new things and sure I will eventually find a way to put my skills to use.

What should you take away from this?

  • Learning more can give you a wider understanding.
  • Its never to late to learn more
  • Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of.

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