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In 2012 I was a sophomore in high school taking trigonometry and I hated it. I had some games on my TI-84 graphing calculator and found I could view and edit the code. I think the language is TI BASIC or something like that. I ended up making a full fledged blackjack game that semester. I wish I still had the calculator because I'm sure the code was awful-- I had no concept of a for loop or any basic programming principles. All my variable names were single letters


Saving space is important when you only have 32kb to work with! I would shave off extra bytes by omitting closing parentheses -- perfectly legal in TI-BASIC. It's obscene that the same thing I used in high school a decade and a half ago still costs $100.


Yes! Those TI-84 games were the bomb!

And yes, my code was terrible as well. Working entirely with global variables, clunky syntax, and an 8 line screen is slightly less than ideal :P

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