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(General response, not specific to R)

I choose books because:

  • Subject is a freezed domain (evolve slowly like SQL, Unix, protocols, design, ... )
  • I don't need to write code or I can do it later (I love to read outdoor)
  • Nice overwiew of complex topic (I love A book Apart collection)
  • I would like to read it again in 2 or 3 years, for topic like team management/scrum/clean code ... (you don't forget a physical book)
  • I want to share it with my coworkers
  • Difficult topic (I can read the line twice easily, it's sometimes difficult with video-player)

I choose online-courses because:

  • Subject is "deprecated tomorrow" (Ecmascript, VueJs...)
  • No book on the topic (very new topic)
  • I need just an introduction of the topic (curiosity)
  • I can learn "handless" (while washing dishes, eating...)
  • Weight & size (small flat, frequent moves)

I look if the author(writer/speaker) is reputed for this domain. If he is in the development team, he can explain the "why it's working this way?" and it's something awesome to learn with the vision of the topic (langage or software).


Would you use a book to learn the basics on a fast-developing tool / language? And then maybe videos for the more complex and high-level concepts.


I use real books to search, digital books to learn the basics and videos for contents complex.

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