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Discussion on: Lessons from my weekend away from tech & "connected" to nature

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Interesting post. We actually have the same situation. We have a vacant plot of land in my hometown in a super remote coastal province in the Philippines. I moved to the big city years ago to work in IT industry and no one amoung us siblings had interest to focus on the land because of our busy schedule. Since pandemic, my mother in the countryside had the time to make improvements on our land. There's now a hut and garden. On my work, WFH become the norm for most people.

Our small town, facing the Pacific ocean and being selected to be a landing station of a submarine cable with direct link the the US few years ago, is now suddenly connected to the world with fiber connection. It opened my interest to maybe it is possible to code and and do farming at the same time. I'm now trying to learn hardware stuff like beaming internet signal, some IoT to maybe remotely monitor our land. Because of this, I'm falling in love with programming again, doing things that could practically help us.

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Juan F Gonzalez Author

Hahaha nice, how small is the world isn't it? At least you have fiber connection there 😅
I'm also starting to think how viable could be to do coding work on weekdays and do some farming work on the weekends haha.

I have a friend from college that got a double degree in systems engineering and also electronic engineering and he was working with IoT and sensors to create a product to launch as a startup.
I have massive respect for everyone that is able to take their tech skills and use them with hardware especially if it's creating something to make farm work easier (which as I mentioned in the post, is the whole point of technology to assist not replace)

Thanks for the comment!