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Discussion on: A Letter to Code Newbies (from a Former Newbie)

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I'm sorry to start this comment like this, but I HATE UDEMY!!! I've tried to follow 'free' courses and paid-for courses on that app, but now I'm giving up on it, not programming, but Udemy! I can't even get a course to load.

In other news, it seems to me that I can't learn cos I don't remember what I've learned from day to day. I'm only 48, but I have the worst memory in existence. I need serious help! Help me if you can.

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Artur Meyster Author

I know how you feel. For coding, you don’t really need to memorize, because documentation is readily available online. Something that helped me was coding at least 30 min every day and made getting into coding a lot easier. Usually taking over a week off made it really hard to remember.