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FYI at the time this article was published, the current version of Deno is v1.1.1 and all the JSX troubles have been fixed 😉

Edit: I believe the author has now removed the out of date warning regarding v1.0.2 for anyone confused by my now seemingly random comment!


Thanks for the sanity check!
I've actually wrote the code and the blog post way before it was scheduled to be published and forgot to check the current release, I'll update the post accordingly 👍


Nice one!

Yeah Deno is moving incredibly fast atm, so easy to draft something and then find it's already out of date! Already the case for a v. suspiciously similar article I wrote about a month ago on the same topic (REF: dev.to/craigmorten/writing-a-react...) - it's an effort to keep everything current 😂

Yeah totally agree, happens every time you start trying out new tech.
I guess it's one of the fun parts of been a developer!

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