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Craig Nicol (he/him)
Craig Nicol (he/him)

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I'm craignicol, and I support women devs.

I will advocate for gender equality by...


  • Offering to mentor;
  • Speaking up on women's behalf when they're not there (meeting they didn't need to be in, but called out someone who was stepping into their limelight);
  • Reading the Better Allies newsletter; and
  • Reviewing all our job ads for exclusionary language.


  • Attending events like the Global Diversity CFP event last weekend that I didn't attend ;
  • I need to widen my network so that the next job ads can get to people who didn't see the last ones; and
  • I need to finish my blog posts about how we changed our recruitment.

I hope to see my work/community...

My advice for fellow allies is...

  • Listen to the experience of others, so that we can help change culture.
  • Always ask yourself what you can do differently.
  • Keep an eye on your team, and your community. Does it reflect the world you know outside tech?

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Waylon Walker

Equality is very powerful. Treating everyone with kind good intentions makes you a wonderful human being. Sometimes we dont notice the small things that others do. I dont think many of us have bad intentions, but things in media/society has numbed us to the point of thinking they are the norm. The hardest thing to do is to stand up for others against the things they think are social norms.