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Discussion on: Has Umbraco turned into the "tourist trap" of open source .net CMSs

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It is good to see the Umbraco vets commenting on this post.

I really like Umbraco CMS. I would have jumped on the cloud bandwagon, but given the cost and the customers not seeing it as a viable option because of this, I did bring this up on the forums. In the US, Wordpress (and to some extent Wix and Squarespace) has the lion's share of the market.

Given that their prices are insanely competitive leaves me holding the "hey here is the CMS called Umbraco" and the reaction is "what's an Umbraco?". Umbraco is so flexible to any designer's wishes, me included, because of the flexibility. And knowing that most WP sites get rewritten within a year or two because of plugin bloat makes Umbraco such a huge advantage. But the cloud costs can't compete with someone who wants a quick site on a budget.

I do wish the company would pair down a bit. It is like when sports players go pro and get paid too much money. They lose that passion. I know somewhere in there, the passion is still there, but I know the stress of running a successful business is weighing on them too. Especially now in Covid and every business who never thought of having a website wants one right away.
It is such a good platform, but has the company, in my humble small opinion, Umbraco has grown too big to let it's community step in an help. In UWestFest 2017 they had a similar slogan when 8 was being pushed "you need to change to stay the same". We all have businesses to run and so do they, I get it, but we also have also are always looking at what works for our businesses and adapt but also look at what our customers are saying, because without them, the businesses don't exist.

-Carlos (aka ClosDesign, AKA CreateItCarlos)

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Tim Geyssens Author

thanks for you thoughts on this Carlos!