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Arnold Chand
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CamelCase, kebab-case or snake_case folders?

Which type of casing do you use when naming a folder in your project? CamelCase, kebab-case or snake_case, or all mixed and mashed together ๐Ÿ˜‚?

Of course, this would also depend on which programming language you use, or style guide. But what do YOU really feel like would be the best naming case for folder/directories?

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Iulian Preda

For Angular kebab-case, in general for me CamelCase is the most appealing.

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Micah Lindley

I generally prefer kebab or snake case for folder names, even though for files and variables I always use camel case.

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Ben Halpern

I'd go with snake case for folders. For no reason in particular it seems the cleanest.

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Hammed Oyedele

PHP & JavaScript - CamelCase

Python & Dart - snake_case

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Guilherme Leite Moraes • Edited

I use kebab-case for folders and TS/JS files. IMO looks cleaner that way but I don't know if there are any conventions around it, at least for TS/JS.