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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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Would suggest to switch to a distro based on Arch cuz u get Arch User Repository(AUR: biggest packages repository for linux) support which means for almost any app/package u can think u can install it just via few commands + u won't be needing ppa's anymore. Since these are rolling distributions meaning there are never major releases like Ubuntu 19/20 etc you are always on the latest release.

Need to install something ?
open terminal:
$ sudo pacman - Ss "package_name"
searches your package in Arch main repository
install it via
$ sudo pacman -S "package_name"
For AUR u could enable in pacman
would suggest yay: it's an aur helper
usage is same as pacman

Desktop Environment (DE): KDE/XFCE/LXDE

i think most Ubuntu people are generally Gnome user but feel it kinda a bit resource hungry and touch friendly.

KDE : most customisable DE,less resource hungry than gnome + u get more of a desktop feel .

XFCE : bit less customisable than KDE thus bit less resource hungry too, look and feel is also good. I feel it like LXDE but good looking 😅

LXDE: the least resource hungry DE out there , look and feels is bit like Windows XP

Or install all DE'S then check which one suits you best. If you ever got bored of DE's do checkout Window Managers(WM's). I personally use awesome window manager.
A Window manager just manages your window openings/arrangements like how are the open app windows placed on your screen automatically. Everything else u get to configure yourself and is generally for keyboard peeps (KeyBindings for everything 😁)

Note: after installing any distro do install 'timeshift' and configure it to hourly backups or something similar so that incase you do something careless you can
safely restore your system into working state.

I am currently using nixos+awesomewm .If you are up for a bit learning do checkout.