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Discussion on: Is going for Devise for user authentication a good choice for a first Rails app or should I write it from scratch?

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Thanks guledali, appreciate your comment.

I ended up doing both to test it out. Writing my own implementation seems to be fast initially but it seems Devise comes with a lot of other useful features out of the box like email confirmation, password recovery and more.

For someone looking to get something going I think it's best to go with Devise if someone if trying to learn how auth works like Robert mentioned its worth doing one from scratch.

I guess these sort of questions are difficult to answer without giving it a try ourselves! Appreciate you taking the time to help out. 🙏

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Yeah devise gives you the whole setup of-the-box, in all fairness you could still rebuild all that like email confirmation with action-mailer. I don't know this process on top of my head, has been a while ago but I recommend checking out the Michael Hartl railstutorial, it goes through much of that process really well, it used to be free. Just make sure you know what's happening behind the scenes because I would certainly avoid devise if I never build auth before.

One thing that this conversation has convinced me, is that rails should at this point really ship with some authentication helpers. A bit surprisingly that they ship with ActionText, it's not something that belongs in most apps, it's more suited if your are building a blog engine

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Yeah that’s a good observation, it does include ActionText but no authentication helpers. Perhaps there’s a reason behind it, authentication could have different layers of complexity and maybe creating a convention for might not be that straight forward?

Thanks for the suggestion. I did read Hartl’s book last year cover to cover, super helpful!

I mean I do understand anything can be built from scratch in fact I have built an account creation system years ago in PHP and it is a great learning experience but it also shows how many things need to be taken into account and how much effort needs to be put into it. ReallY grateful these libraries exist otherwise it would take a long time until anything gets shipped. 😂