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I use a Macbook Pro and a Windows machine with Subsystem Linux and both of them work just fine for me so it is just a matter of preference I would say.

I like Linux distros but I need to reliably run software that is not available for them at this point in time. i.e If you do design and other media work you might not want to use it as your main system.

Hope this helps!


I have a MacBook Pro for work and a Dell XPS13 at home. The lack of Sketch support is my main drawback for switching to Windows permanently. The hardware on the Mac is, imho, subpar. I've only had it since July and the keyboard is intermittently failing on frequently used keys 😣


I hear you, Sketch is great but I have stopped using it as solid cross-platform alternatives are starting to get of the ground.

Sorry to hear about your Macbook, seems to be a common issue on models with the butterfly keyboard, I have a 2015 and had no issues as of yet. (fingers crossed)

Heard good things about the XPS series and the Razer machines but it seems like we cannot win with laptops at the end of the day. 😄

Really interesting video on defects, thanks 😊

I'd read about the butterfly keyboard issues, just need to bother our IT department for a repair but I'm dead lazy!

Taught myself to use the other CMD key instead, haha!


Appreciate you mentioning the caveat with Linux and design 🙌 It's probably the major thing holding me back, the lack of first party support for design software (Adobe, Sketch, etc).

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