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Discussion on: How does your company deal with massive time zone differences between teammates?

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Cristina Ruth

Collaboration is really tough when schedules are different.

For real-time collaboration, I find it best to find a common 1-hr (or even just 30 minutes time) among everyone to be able to sync up (outstanding tasks/progress updates/what's next).

For non-real time collaboration, I find it best for everyone to keep things documented as things move along so that everyone else can follow. Sometimes, as simple as a slack channel would help. Or even just capturing and summarizing any discussions from that and send that to the general group.

I'm also curious on how other people have found/are doing to accommodate for this.

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Totally agree. We have scheduled early morning or late evening standups to accommodate everyone. The schedule is switched up to be fair to everyone as well.

Slack is awesome for communicating as well (with the right add ons!).