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Discussion on: Hello again. It's time to do some work!

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Cristina Ruth
  1. Please show me first the articles per my followed authors and tags.
  2. Please allow me to “hide” an article from the home page if I don’t want to see it again.
  3. Please indicate a “read” indicator for an article on the home page. (somehow grayed out or somewhat?)
  4. The side bars are good on desktop but they’re very hidden on mobile and I realize that’s on purpose but the listings are not visible on mobile. Maybe scatter the listings on mobile throughout the feed like reddit does? I haven’t thought this through so there are likely holes in that idea.
  5. Maybe even start showing me articles on my “to read” list if nothing else to show me? They pile up and I actually forget about them but I do visit the home page a lot.
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Corey McCarty

I like these ideas alot!

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gabriel ruas

I agree with all your suggestions, especially the last one!
I have a huuuuuge reading list, and almost always forget about it

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🦁 Yvonnick FRIN

Oh your first point is awesome. With this done it enables removing notifications everytime an article is published from the notification center!