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Autogenerate VHOSTS on macOS X

Every time I wanted to activate a new virtual host on my local macOS machine for development

I had to do the regular steps

  1. create directory
  2. create apache vhosts entry
  3. create /etc/hosts entry

So, I have built myself a tool.

  • PHP-cli tool

  • Site Directories must end in .local to be picked up

  • example /path/site.local will become

define('SITES_PATH', '/Users/your-user/Sites');
define('VHOSTS_FILE', '/etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf');
define('HOSTS_FILE', '/etc/hosts');
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Usage (must be super user):

sudo php index.php

PHP-Cli Output Example

Alt text

Find out on github:

Feel free to use as you wish.

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