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Rust Learning Resources

In my current quest to efficiently ramp up my skills in Rust so that I could start contributing to the Solana ecosystem, my friend Mark from Alchemist Camp suggested a pathway that would quickly ramp starting from some fairly approachable resources.

  • Hands-on Rust: This book is from the author of the free Roguelike Tutorial - In Rust. Since I have access to already, I'll probably just straight into the book first, but the tutorial looks fun too so I may go through it as well if it doesn't duplicate too much of the content in the book.
  • Programming WebAssembly in Rust: I know Mark had a lot of good things to say about this one, and I'm happy he suggested this one for the second resource since I've been wanting to start checking out Wasm but haven't had a compelling reason to do so.
  • Rust Web Development: This book is still being written as we speak, so hopefully there will be a few more chapters completed by the time I get to it. Since I do mostly web development, I feel that having a book that teaches a different programming language, but in a familiar context, is a great way to learn.
  • The Rust Programming Language: This one goes into the nitty-gritty of the language. I'd like to get some awesome things built before getting to this one. It's pretty important to figure out ways to stay motivated on the learning path and getting to this book too early may just stop me in my tracks.

There are a few other books that look pretty interesting, like Rust in Action, that I may look at before getting to The Rust Programming Language. It all depends on how well I feel I've absorbed the information and the fluency with which I build applications.

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