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Top 3 Payment Gateways For Cryptocurrency In 2021

To date, the cryptocurrency market is expanding rapidly. That’s why there occurred the necessity to create a strong and secure system of payment transfers that would correspond to all the users’ needs. So the crypto enthusiasts came up with the idea of a crypto payment gateway.

What is a crypto payment gateway?

According to Yahoo Finance, there are approximately 5,392 cryptocurrencies traded right now. Such circulation demands a safe and secure system for transfers that will completely satisfy all the needs of the crypto society. At the moment such a system is represented by crypto payment gateways.

A crypto payment gateway is a platform that gives the opportunity to accept transfers in cryptocurrencies.

These sites make the transfer of digital assets to fiat
automated. Moreover, you can change your Bitcoin or Ripple in a much faster way. Crypto payment gateways provide a lot of tools and options to make the whole process more comfortable for all users.

Benefits of a Crypto Payment Gateway

Transparency and safety, as a result

Such platforms are less vulnerable to frauds and DDoS attacks.

Lower transaction costs

Crypto payment gateways have a low fee compared to the classic banking systems that usually have 2-5% fees.

Up-to-date technology

The crypto sphere is new and constantly developing. That’s why all the innovations that are happening here on a regular basis can be immediately implemented within payment platforms.

Easy registration

Online services don’t require filling in long boring forms. All you need to do is to register your email or other preferable accounts.

PoS (Point-of-Sale) terminal

This innovation is responsible for fast and simple transactions.

All in all, the benefits of crypto payment gateways speak for themselves and make the choice of users quite simple. These platforms can save time and money and provide a high level of security that meets all modern requirements.

How does a Crypto payment gateway work?

There is no big difference between the traditional payment system and the crypto payment gateway working process. In fact, when transferring money through a classical payment system, you deal with credit cards, and the crypto payment gateway accepts only digital wallets. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you use a single or multi-currency wallet. Any will do. Moreover, cryptocurrency transfers can be processed in a much faster way which is a huge benefit for sure.

The working process of a Crypto payment gateway

  1. The first thing you need to do is to push the Place the Order button. Then your web browser will automatically hide your payment information. This is one of the most important stages of the whole process as it responds for safety and is the basis of the whole transfer system.

  2. Your browser also connects to the merchant’s web server through an SSL connection.

  3. As the cryptocurrencies details of a user are received, merchants send all the data available to the owner or admin of the platform with an encrypted SSL.

  4. The crypto payment gateway then transfers all the data to the payment processor.

  5. The payment processor in his turn gets a request and sends an acknowledgment code that contains exhaustive information about the transaction status.

  6. The crypto payment processor sends the acknowledgment code to the gateway. The last destination is the website or the app.

  7. As soon as the notification is sent, the website or the app (depends on where you’re making the transfer from) shows you a notification that the payment is completed.

As you see, the process has a lot of steps. However, everything’s done quite fast and, which is more important, secure.

Interesting Features of Crypto Payment Gateway Development

The list of important features in the crypto payment gateway development is quite huge. It contains both user and admin’s features which are crucial for everyone willing to launch a successful project and be in the top league in this sphere.

User Features

Initial page
Support submission
Account settings
Transfer safety
KYC verification
Merchants tools
Key generation through API
The button maker templates
HTML fields

Admin features

Security frames
Admin log in functions
Fee payment settings
Merchants API settings
Admin dashboard
Content management system
Support system
View user transfer history
Merchants transfer history

If you take into account all these features, you will be able to create a high-level secure crypto payment gateway. A lot of merchants and businesses will be attracted to your platform immediately.

Top 3 Payment Gateways for Cryptocurrency

There are a lot of great gateways for cryptocurrencies nowadays. But we singled out 3 top ones that accept Bitcoin as well as altcoins.


CoinsPaid is one of the leading crypto payment gateways among all. It is the first crypto gateway to pass 2 security audits (Kaspersky Labs & 10 Guards).
This gateway allows payments in more than 30 cryptocurrencies into more than 20 fiat currencies. One of its main benefits is 0% fees for cryptocurrency transfers between CoinsPaid crypto wallet user accounts.
CoinsPaid payment gateway is used for 5% of global Bitcoin transactions. Moreover, processing service,, is number one in the iGaming transfers. CoinsPaid showed great results with €1.25 billion worth of crypto processed in 2020 and over €2.3 billion already processed this year (August 2021).
All these facts make CoinsPaid one of the most promising and beneficial platforms among all. The number of partner companies is constantly growing, counting more than 700 at the moment.
To date, CoinsPaid is one of the fastest growing payment platforms among all, and the number of huge transfer players cooperating with it is the litmus test of its perspectives.

Main features

Over 9,500,000 crypto transactions (on August 2021)
700+ merchants with 6 mln customers
0% fees for cryptocurrencies transfers
More than 700 companies cooperating
The highest level of security on the market
30 assets available for transfers processing service


Coingate is one of the top payment gateways in 2021. It has a huge number of users and a number of unique features it offers to its subscribers. These features make the work on this platform more comfortable. For instance, Coinbase is 2 in 1, as it is both crypto payment gateway and crypto exchange.

Moreover, using Coingate you won’t have to address the merchant so that he would ask for a withdrawal. The currency conversion from crypto into fiat currency happens much easier here. Coinbase charges 1% of transaction fees.
Coingate is compatible with almost all of the popular eCommerce CMS platforms. Italy, Spain, The Netherlands are among the top countries that use this platform.
The disadvantage of this payment gateway platform is that it is allowed in a limited number of countries.

Main features

API integration
No transfer fees
Requesting payments via email invoice
On-the-spot trading and payments
High compatibility with eCommerce CMS platforms


CoinPayments is also one of the top-notch crypto payment gateways on the list. First of all, it supports a lot of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and more (the count goes over 1200). It’s main audience are merchants.

CoinPayments attracts users with the help of low commissions for crypto processing. The merchants’ charge is only 0.50% of a transaction fee.
This crypto payment gateway integrates with almost all the well-known e-Commerce platforms, such as Shopify, OSCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce.
CoinPayments launched an airdrop with its native CPS crypto coin. This coin has a lot of benefits including a 50% discount on some parameters for users (hosting and transaction fees, rebates on online withdrawal fees).
Moreover, as well as any modern platform, CoinPayments has both Android and IOS apps which is necessary for all the crypto users nowadays. It makes all the processes more comfortable and up-to-date.

Main features

More than 1200 cryptocurrencies on the list
CPS crypto coin with huge benefits
GAP600 support
Plugins for all the popular web carts
Multi coin wallet for all cryptocurrencies
Mobile apps

To date, crypto payment gateways are a promising sphere allowing a lot of freedom for merchants and crypto enthusiasts. The top 3 of these platforms on the list have low fees and comfortable integration for merchants and sellers.

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