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Carlos Saltos

Really cool article !! ... you bring to my team a lot of cool ideas on how to continue our work with Svelte, and in the future even other frameworks too (sorry, compilers, or it's libraries ... what a mess on even identifying them).

By the way, now Svelte also supports TypeScript and even Sapper will be merged into Svelte itself (or something like that) ... it's crazy how thinks change in just couple of years on IT !!

We found easy with Svelte to separate components nicely like you show it but anyway, as Dan Abramov suggested we will try not to keep it dogmatic indeed.

Thank you very much for your valuable article !!

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Damien Chazoule Author

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate πŸ™
A year ago, when I started writing this article, I expected technologies to evolve quickly. Now, with these frameworks and libraries we are talking about JAM Stack and many other exciting concepts! The Web is really great! I can't wait to see what it will look like tomorrow...