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Discussion on: Can you become a successful software developer without a CS degree? My opinion

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Chris Sederqvist

I'm sorry, but this does, quite frankly "not compute". It just isn't believable in my world at least:

"The other, shined by his ability to understand customer needs, explain his designs clearly to the team, and then implement them"
"being an outstanding part of a very large team"
"he learned how to program with a 1 year program"
"I've met some Physicists that were ... great testers as well."
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Who would get a physicist to do software testing in the first place?

Meet Our New ... tester!

One Good Tester

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That's fine. I don't need you to believe me.

fyi.. at the end of the 90s many people were flocking to the tech sector to ride the .com wave. The company I worked for loved physicists, and physicists were happy to get more money and get out of academia. We even got some PhDs.

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