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re: Wow okay. Fantastic call-out piece. The other half came home at 2am once to find me asleep on the keyboard with compiler errors on-screen. Whoo...

Wow that was really interesting that you would share that logging article. One of my future article focuses on gratitude journaling which (I’m sure you’re already familiar with so forgive me) is a mindfulness technique that is known to help people remain aware of the present moment and get more centered. So that seems like a good overlap with the progress tracking article. I think the only thing that concerns me about progress logs is the hyper-focused notion that we ”need to improve.” I think I finally became a good developer when I learned to love myself for the skills that I have. Self care is important. And I’m glad you’re working through your imposter syndrome. It can be tough.


Totally agree with everything you've said there. However, if I could counter your "need to improve" comment, I'd simply say that whilst I 100% agree that too much ambition has a negative effect, a couple of achievements here and there is good for the soul. Good programmers should be able to balance a desire for progress with their ability to step back and appreciate their current skills. That being said, I think balancing that is much easier once you've mastered the mindfulness techniques you mention in your article. Learn to walk before you can run. Thank you for your support. :)

Yup, you nailed. It’s all about balance. :)

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