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How to Fix 'AssetManifest' is imported from both 'package:flutter...' and 'package:google_fonts...' error


In this article I'll share with you how to fix'AssetManifest' is imported from both 'package:flutter/src/services/asset_manifest.dart' and 'package:google_fonts/src/asset_manifest.dart'.

When you run your flutter app you might notice this error in your debug console.

Launching lib/main.dart on SM A225M in debug mode...
Warning: Errors limit exceeded. To receive all errors set com.sun.xml.bind logger to FINEST level.
Warning: unexpected element (uri:"", local:"extension-level"). Expected elements are <{}codename>,<{}layoutlib>,<{}api-level>
: Error: 'AssetManifest' is imported from both 'package:flutter/src/services/asset_manifest.dart' and 'package:google_fonts/src/asset_manifest.dart'.
import 'asset_manifest.dart';
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Fortunately this is a simple fix, update your google_fonts: package in pubspec.yaml to the latest version

Run your flutter app and your code should be fine.

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