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Discussion on: You're not worth hiring unless...

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Erick Navarro

Here in Chile head hunters are bananas, their entire job could be replaced by a checklist form. The usual interview goes like this:
Do you know A pattern?
Do you know B pattern?
... Z pattern?
And then comes dependencies
Do you know A library?
And so on and on.
And it is absolutely bullocks. You are hiring a jr? Ask about arch pattern, that is ok, but if the company cant provide training! That is a red flag.
You are hiring a senior? Then why even ask about architecture patterns that is literally the job of a senior, there are houndreds of architecture if you are senior you know 1 then you can learn any other.
And the dependencies things, pure BS, it is a library, it has doc! Either train your hires or allow then time to learn.
The perfect fit is the equivalent of a fairy tale, and then they hire and live happily ever after. I rather real work software with problems and team to help.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 Author

head hunters are bananas

I laughed so hard reading that

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Haha yes it's brilliant ... and of course this is not just the case in Chile, this is true in about every country all over the world. And the sad thing is that companies looking to hire devs are wasting tons of money on the "services" of these recruiters.