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Imagine if these tests were applied to other engineering positions. Why stop there, imagine this kind of tests for any role.
Yes! It doesn't make sense right?


Nah just wait a few more decades and we'll be "test working a year".


Dont wait a few more decades, just stop by my country Portugal and you'll see people "test working" and "internshipping" for 3, 4 or 5 years (with equivalent salary every year)

Hahaha, yes i forgot about that. seems like slavery repeats itself in every few thousand years.


I kind of disagree. Because there are lots of programmers looking for a job without a degree. How would that company know someone without a degree is good enough? I don't know how they would fix this issue


I kind of disagaree because there are a lot of programmers with a college degree that doesnt know how to program. How would that company know someone with a degree is good enough? I don't know how they would fix this issue

I don't know how they would fix this issue. But I understand why they have the tests. It's too easy to claim you're a programmer

Also electrician, plumber, chiropractor, real state investor, and so on and on. The problem is there is no problem, pretenders are caught and fired. False positives are caugth and fired. Know something? Do you realize you are trying to defend software companies? Why does companies need you as their defensor? Focus on the real problem, not in illusion of fairness.


Truth be told, I'd hire a mid to senior level dev with no degree over the same with a degree anytime. Getting a degree doesn't make you a good dev. Having to prove yourself daily for the first few years of your carrier does.

I agree. But how would the company do this without these obviously annoying tests? How would they know which programmer is good enough. That's the point I'm trying to make

The same way every other industry does! Interviews and then if you fake it, you are fired. What is the problem with that?

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