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Discussion on: Fellow runner devs out there? Would love to know what made you choose running

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Took up running after a sudden and jarring realisation of how sedentary a web development job can be, an actual moment of "penny drop" when I came to clearly see just how out of shape and unhealthy I had become.

Took up the Couch to 5KM programme as a 'Beginners Guide to Running' and hated every sweat-drenched moment until one day the magic of running just 'clicked' and I found my zen-like peace. That tranquillity has continued and now I run four times a week at around 18-25 miles per week, I've completed one half marathon and currently training for my second.

Running has become my away-from-the-world time where I can relax, get some processing time in, and come back to my work, home or personal life with a fresh mindset ready to tackle whatever problems have arisen.

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Amelia Gapin

So much that last paragraph