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re: I don't think docker-compose up is a lot to type, given the frequency with which you're likely to use it and the fact that it'll be in your command...

It's not just for up, but for any docker-compose command, of which, I use many many times (I do a ton of Docker development). docker-compose is a weird one for me to type, too, and I always feel like I really stutter over it.

But to each their own!

The command docker-compose always comes out docker-compsoe the first time. Try as I might, I can never type it correctly on the first go. I don't use aliases in my shell because I like to remember the commands I'm typing and the flags I use. I feel like it forces me to think through command layout, what flags actually do and helps me remember. But I totally get the frustration of what I like to call "keyboard dyslexia". And the word compose is such that I almost always type it incorrectly the first time.

I probably type doc<tab>-c<tab> in reality. It's hard for me to test since if I just open a terminal I'll be conscious of what I'm doing, but I tab complete a lot.

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