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My Set of Game Dev Tools

So every gamedev has his/her own set of tools that they use to make their own game. I have one too.

Its for making a game if I am all alone in a team or I have to do a particular task by myself in a team if needed.

For Art:

### 1) Piskel for Pixel art:
Piskel is my goto app for pixel art. I used to use the web version but to me the offline version works better and I can store the files locally. I can set up a preview for a single frame and also for an animation too!! Its very easy to use and actually works.

2) Krita for vector art, Thumbnails and quite everything else:

Krita is my main art editor and I find it quite easy to use. I like making quite everything else that's 2d with krita.

3) BlockBench for voxel art:

I use blockbench for making voxel art. I am not good at it tho. I use the web app for it.
Its quite nice actually.

For Music:

Bosca Ceoil:

I use Bosca Ceoil for making music for games and other stuff. Its very beginner friendly and we can easily make some nice music even for a programmer.

For Programming:

1) Vscode for Programming almost everything:

I use vscode for coding almost everything. I luv the editor and it has a lot of cool features.
I jus don't use it for stuff like Java (recently in a blog I found myself an ide called jlite) and for godot.

It has code completion, extensions, debugging support and much much more!!!
Not to forget an integrated console!!


2) Godot as Game Engine:

I use the free and open source game engine Godot for making games and all. Its a nice little game engine thats very powerful. I luv using it!!


I guess thats it for today so bye!!!! :D

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