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Vintage Electronic music to code to

A person may regard this global network as the internet or such but soon for calming reasons you may regard it as a cyberworld or cyberspace. The term "internet" is vague and has little personal emotional relativity. Cyber refers to the common effect and reaction to this electric world. Tons of information to dive into. Content in formats of mp4, mp3, png, jpeg.
When browsing cyberspace, consider interpretability and accessibility as number one.

Vintage commercials

Glimpse of the times and the common perceptions of certain ages 1950s 1940s. Maybe the present news and media is always popping up with new things. With cyberspace you can always go back in time. To go forward in time is futuristic neofuturism.


This stuff is a kind of subgenre of electronic music. Hypnotizing stuff. Mixture of elements from the 80s and 90s. This post is in year 2020.

Virtual Environments

Thanks to the creator of these subgenres.
Virtual environments can teleport you to different times and areas and adjust your perception and expectation to a contextual subject. Example Tokyo japan virtual environment, city traffic environments, quiet cafe even sometimes with chatter in the background. So this keeps you not-lonely.

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