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I started out in the dial up days of the internet, so I've seen huge changes in the industry from then till now.

Over that time I've come to two conclusions:

  1. The job is not to be a developer it's to be a learner.

    The industry continually changes and finding ways to learn, methodologies that allow you to absorb an ever changing knowledge base, is actually more important in some respects than what you learn. By developing ways to learn you are able to handle the changes without feeling overwhelmed, you are able to embrace the inevitable change without being consumed by it. As learning is what you actually do for a job.
    One of the ways I use is to take the big task (right now I'm putting an API together from scratch) and to break it down in to small individual tasks. Install Mongo, connect to Mongo etc. By breaking it down I can focus just on that single task without worrying about the big task. I get a record of what I've done and regular wins which help me keep going.

  2. The code I write today is better than the code I wrote 6 months ago and worse than the code I will write 6 months from now. And that's a good thing! It means my failures/bad code were actually an integral part of my learning. Which is my job.

Obviously that's just my 5 pence... :)


The job is not to be a developer it's to be a learner.

That. 100%.

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