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re: Think you forgot the second most important thing that hinders you to rewrite code: your memory. We do tend to remember how we did something and rep...

Right, I agree. Do you think taking time away helps with this? Allowing you to "forget" to some extend, and loosening your mental grip on your original implementation.


Actually no, often i review code i wrote years ago and still remember why and how I came to the result. I guess the only way is a radically different approach to the problem. Or leave it to someone else.

Remembering why and how you solved it isn't a problem, it's probably like revisiting an old memory we had. With new experiences, won't you have a different take towards it? If not, I'm pretty sure that would make your code relatively optimal and there's nothing wrong with that.

I think revisiting code usually refers to those times where you were able to solve something but reflecting on it you had some obstacles you struggled. These struggles are what you carry on and look to fix or improve on.

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