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Discussion on: Why SolidJS: Do we need another JS UI Library?

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Daniel Abernathy • Edited on

Until I saw how the community reaction to the Function API RFC. This firmly reminded me of why Vue was Vue.

I think in the end the counter-reaction won the day. The Vue team re-tooled their RFC to explain the concept & use cases better, to reassure the community that they wouldn't lose backwards compatibility, and to ensure that Vue wasn't turning into React. (The latter is probably what you object to, but I'm pretty happy about it!) The community has since come around very strongly in support of the new API.

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Ryan Carniato Author

You are right. Knowing how Vue works internally I never had any fear it was going to turn into React, but I know that wasn't obvious. I think they landed at a place that people like and they still accomplished their goals. I just was impatient and I kind of felt like they are going through the discovery process again. I had already started developing a path to push the boundaries and it just wasn't a feasible place for Vue. Evan's tradeoff talk ( is such an effective way to understand Vue's thinking. The deliberate dance of how to cater a little bit to everyone. It's not an approach to pushing boundaries.