100 Developer Jobs - Companies Still Hiring Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Nader Dabit on March 22, 2020

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to send shockwaves throughout almost all industries, including software and startups, there are still a lo... [Read Full]
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@personio is hiring senior backend engineers in Munich Germany and Madrid, Spain. More info personio.com/jobs


Codecademy is hiring too! We have job openings across all of our departments, including engineering, curriculum, design, marketing, and product. NYC location preferred, but there are a few exceptions.

Happy to talk to people that are interested!


Great list! Really reassuring to see lists like come together during these turbulent times.

Parallel Domain (synthetic data generation platform for ML and CV) is also hiring right now for software engineering & computer graphics positions. If you are searching for opportunities, check it out and apply here.

Stay safe and well all --


Hi how are you ? My name is Robinson and I am from Venezuela. I would like to know if you can help me with something about Reactjs. I am new to this React world, and I don't know what tool to use to generate Excel and Pdf reports. I would like to know if you can implement something like FastReport or Ireport? I designed my report visually and then called it from the application. I would like to know what you think? Thanks and regards.



I'm glad to see that there are many companies still hiring. As we know due to the Covid-19 a lot of companies are having their team members work remotely. We specialize in offshore/remote staffing if there's anything we can do to help (give some tips, useful tools, etcetera) please let us know. We will be glad to help for free. in our blog, you can also find useful tips remoteteamsolutions.com/blog/


What we experience at my company in this period, is that many companies decide to outsource instead of traditionally hiring. If any of you are in the same shoe, you may find this helpful:


Hi there, what a wonderful initiative, thanks for doing this!
We are also hiring at QuantumBlack (McKinsey company). We specialise in AI/ML solutions and are looking for Software Engineers, Front End Engineer, Data Engineers!
Check our career page for more info: quantumblack.com/careers


Great list Nader. Any chance you can add Doctolib?

Our teams are currently working night and day to provide patients and doctors access to healthcare of video for free in France and Germany and we would love some extra hands to come and help us. RoR, REACT, TDD, Put code in production every day Paris OR Berlin grnh.se/44c8eecb3us


Roblox is hiring! We are actively looking for awesome UX & Design, Engineering, G&A, Legal, & Product people to join us. Check out our careers and apply!

We were also just named the #1 Most Innovative Company in Gaming by Fast Company.


Thanks for putting this list together Nader! Im sure it will be tremendously helpful for folks looking for work in this new, tougher job climate. The company I work for is called Filtered (filtered.ai) and we are building tools to make it easier to perform remote interviews. Hopefully our worlds come together and we can make finding jobs less stressful and more tailored to the candidates' relevant skills. Our goal is to create interviews that test things that are relevant to the job at hand. Hope you take a look!


Bonusly is hiring for MULTIPLE engineering roles! We're a rewards and recognition startup in Boulder, CO. bonus.ly/careers


We are still hiring NYC-based developers at Atlas Obscura: atlasobscura.com/jobs/srwebdevelop...


I have made a small project to help job seekers find companies who are still hiring, maybe consider adding it here stillhiring.io and also sharing it with you community


For folks who want remote jobs, here is another place to checkout sitepoint.com/jobs/


Hi Nader,
Thank you for this amazing resource.
Have a look at this listing of Remote Jobs Sites which I think it can also be helpful.


This is an awesome resource - thanks so much for sharing! Very reassuring during a time like this.


👏 amazing

I have built a website just for this purpose, stillhiring.io

I hope anyone looking for a job to find it useful 🙏 and for companies that are still hiring to send us their submission

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