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Discussion on: Projects: how to avoid getting swamped

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Daniel Neveux

I would add another one:

Set a trigger to feel when you step from perseverance to obstination.

For me it is my main barrier. A long shot project can put you in a tunnel where it is difficult to get distance from and to have a global vision. Especially if you are a very small team.

Make a check list of what represent the perseverance, and what represent the obstination through the prism of your project.

For me the check list is simple: it is the feedback of my players (I am building a MMO, and I may be at 10% of finish :p ). As long as new players feel what I feel and are happy to play. I am good to continue.

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Alexandre Valsamou-Stanislawski Author

This one is perfect too. Indeed it is quite hard not to fall in the ivory tower maker mode. It's a great idea to set up fail-safe beforehand!