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Discussion on: Active Directory LDAPS the easy way

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Dailen Gunter

I've encountered some issues with importing the commands. I found an article regarding common causes but only found one issue. So I made local security policy change to enable using a private key without strong encryption, the problem still occurs.

Connecting to "[redacted]"

Logging in as current user using SSPI

Importing directory from file "c:\temp\ldaps\enable_ldaps.txt"

Loading entries
1: (null)
Entry DN: (null)
changetype: modify
Attribute 0) renewServerCertificate:1

Add error on entry starting on line 1: Inappropriate Authentication

The server side error is: 0x8009030e No credentials are available in the security package

The extended server error is:
8009030E: SecErr: DSID-0C0203F5, problem 4001 (INAPPROPRIATE_AUTH), data 0

0 entries modified successfully.

An error has occurred in the program