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Chris Bongers
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Generating barcodes in Google Sheets

We learned how to create QR codes in Google Sheets, and with that, I thought let me try and see if Barcodes are also possible.

It turns out it is!

Generating barcodes in Google Sheets

Creating barcodes in Google Sheets

To start, let's write the product IDs in column A. This will be our reference point.

Google Sheets product IDs

To make a valid barcode, we need to get that value and append two stars (*).

Let's fix that with a formula in row B.

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This will take the value from row A and wrap it in the two stars.
Pull down the cells to have it working for all items.

Barcode raw

You might be thinking, ok, but how is this now a barcode?
And the magic is actually in the font we will be using!

Select row B and click "More fonts" change the font to be "Libre Barcode" there are two options, but we'll use Code 39 for this article.

You now have barcodes in your Google Sheet.

Barcodes in Google Sheet

Check out my Barcode Google Sheet here.

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