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Why Conferences Are Awesome

Something else for today's topic, let's talk about conferences.
While writing this article, I was thinking about how much I miss attending conferences in general.

So let's talk about why conferences are so amazing and which ones you can attend during this lockdown.

Why Conferences are Awesome

Conferences are a great way of keeping up to date with the latest techniques and objectives in the industry. They also provide an amazing way to network with people.
And they fuel you with inspiration, motivation and excitement to get cracking on something new.

So in short: They provoke you.

This could be very much my personal opinion, but I've heard the same from many of my friends.

Nowadays, we obviously can't do any of these, but Corona brings something good; Online Conferences!

How to Enjoy a Conference to the Max

Conferences can be very hectic, fast and overwhelming. My best tip is to make a plan, do some research about the speakers and stand you want to see and plan your day very roughly.
It can be chilled with breaks for yourself. You don't have to see everything!

These Conferences in July you can Attend!

Why do you love Conferences?

Let me know why you <3 Conferences!

Thank you for reading, and let's connect!

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