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re: A great read! I'll be the first to admit my sleeping schedule is all kinds of messed up. I'm trying to get back into a proper rhythm but it's incre...

Your sleep cycle was most certainly affected by the screens ;)

The no-screen zone is a must in my opinion ( and gosh it's hard... ). I would also suggest, if possible, to spend some time outside before 8:30 AM. Bright lights exposure help the release of melatonin in the evenings. That could help you fell sleepy ;)

Best of luck!


AM or PM? Because I am definitely outside before 8:30 AM :). Starting Monday I'm also going to get into some form of exercise schedule. Back when I still did some sort of sport on a regular basis, I noticed I slept like a baby. So I am definitely taking that advice with me! Going out at night, while it's still light out, will probably help my mental state as well. Plus, it gives me a chance to just stroll around the city with my partner every day :)

Thanks for this post, it was a great read and really motivates me to get into a better sleeping rhythm!

That's AM ;)

Exercising, exposure to light during the mornings, that will definitely help you a lot!

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