The state of freelancing in 2018

Damien Cosset on February 09, 2019

Introduction Every year for the last 5 years, Upwork and the Freelancers Union have commissioned a survey in the United States. The goal... [Read Full]
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Ahem, in a nutshell: about programmers

  • The average salary of an American is $7K USD per month
  • The average salary of a Chinese is $2K USD per month
  • The average salary of a Hindi is $5k USD per year

You could earn more working at McDonald.


Let's not forget that this is mostly supplemental income, not primary. Also the convenience factor of working from home only makes it better.

An extra 7k a month in addition to your current pay is a nice addition.

(been freelancing in addition to salary work over a decade now)


Would you consider making the leap to full time freelancer? Or would you consider it too risky?

I work as a freelance thanks because I have earned customers and right now, I am working with two customers. However, those online platforms are not alternative, it's easy to earn money working 9 to 5 (9 to 6 in my country) than working online for, how about $4-$5 per hour. So, if you have the customers then go ahead, and go for freelance, otherwise no.

There are some stories about a guy that earned over $500k USD but it is not the average, the average is around $300 per month if not less.

Also, the work as a freelance is anything but stable, it requires a lot of expertise and sometimes it requires working the weekend. I won't recommend because it is possible to earn money working normally: less stress, less work, and a stable income.

I go full time all the time so it's not about risk. I just like the balance depending on how my life is going at the time.

At this point in my career, jobs for me are just freelance gigs with benefits :)


I am not familiar with McDonald's salaries. But 7k seems like a higher income that what you would get at a fast food flipping burgers no?

About these studies, keep in mind that only a third of the respondents freelance full time. I am not familiar with the Chinese or Hindi freelancers market job.

Thanks for the numbers :)
May I ask the studies on Chinese and Hindi freelancers rates? Very curious to read about that!


Of course, the salary of Mcdonalds is an exaggeration or is it not?

But let's say that somebody flipping burgers earns $10 per hour. And 270 working days per year, 8 hours per shift, 10x270x8 = $21k per year or about three times what a Hindi earns.

And you could find more information on the net. However, I suggest you find information on UpWork (Upwork+low+pay for example).


In one word NOT Good.
Looking at the freelancer I was hiring and at the level of work I was doing back then in 2010, no promising work projects for the good onces and no fulfilling for all the requirements I was setting as an employer as for today. I see a good movement tendency towards the open source projects as for upcoming 2020, the new Global Home for all, G5 and the empowering Internet. I think the World Wide Web has the new capabilities for handeling the new kind of people who are looking for growing out of the box from their early 5yrs olds.
As for my success as a freelancer, I also was not a 1st class.

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