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Adeoye Damilola
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How programming seem to look for Newbies.

I thought being a programmer is easy while in University, until I was told to write my first program that could tell whether a number is odd or even using Python( if and elif statement). It was cool of which I later used a short snippet of code (Ternary Operator) to write it in Java.

Later i developed Grade Point Average and Basic Calculator in Visual Basic and others.

Programming and Software development was still fun with the petty projects until I was told to build an African game called Ayo using Java in my third year.

I was told to build an AI sort of for users to play with, i used the Minimax algorithm to develop it and it was really challenging.

Since then Programming has not been funny even till now, especially when writing Real Life application like a Scientific Calculator, a Notebook all in Android(which I still have issues with).

Solving problems strategically and using process is key to being a good programmer. Always remember to stay and learn a language up to an high standard point of view before taking another one.

Lastly,regardless of any language or software development life cycle you use. Just know how to transit a Real life problem into a solution using a minimal of Pseudocode or an Algorithm.

Slow and steady wins the race, that's my belief.
I would leave you with this thought.

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