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Discussion on: Why the React community is missing the point about Web Components

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Dan Abramov • Edited

im running out of fingers to count the times I've shook my head after seeing a "use the platform LOL" jab from the React community.

Sure and I'd like to see this fade away. But I think we also both know exactly where this sentiment comes from: the feeling of alienation. Some developer advocates shame developers for large bundles ā€” and in many ways, this is justified. But often there's a sense that they forget why we ended up here.

React users would love to not have to npm install a date picker and bloat their bundles! If they need to "use the platform" then why doesn't that platform ship the features they actually ask for? Instead of a <carousel> they get an <aside>. Features like service workers are touted as a solution to many problems in the web, but their ergonomics are so under-designed that people actually have to change domains to bust the cache from a broken build (Iā€™m not making this up).

Now again, I understand the other side to all of this. Standards are hard etc. But I think the aggressive anti-library message (while promoting a library on top of WCs) coupled with not listening to people's problems has somewhat poisoned the "use the platform" movement. That's why many people perceive it as sarcastic now, unfortunate as it is.

I'd like to see that change though! On the React team, recently we have been tightly working with browser vendors. There is a sense that people are more receptive to hearing things we learned, and we're very optimistic about this progress.

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Benny Powers šŸ‡®šŸ‡±šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦
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Dan Abramov

Great stuff! I'm sure a lot of developers will appreciate this as a move in the right direction.