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Discussion on: Here Are 8 DevOps Trends to Watch for in 2019

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Dan Ashby

Sorry. 2 and 3 are wrong. I suggest you research the topic of exploratory testing as it sounds like your current thinking about testing is based on a misconception about the craft.

Also the model in #2 showing "continuous testing" as a phase makes it not continuous. Just pointing that out, as testing should actually be everywhere in the model. (See here:

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Pavan Belagatti Author

Thanks for your views Dan. I'll definitely take a look at what you are suggesting.

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Kennet Osbjer

One suggestion in step 2 is to draw a big circle around all and call it Continuous Quality Assuarance (CQA) because that is what it is.
Dan I think we need to look at the craftsmanship of testing in another way in this context. Of course we need to have exploratory testing but as you mentioned test or as I say Quality Assurance is everywhere in the process and is everybody responsibility. In my view you need to understand code in some way.
To say manual testing would be obsolete is as stupid as saying manual development would be obsolete. I guess you mean that manual checking would be obsolete.