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Discussion on: How To Brand Yourself When Switching Careers Into Software Development

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Daniel Calderon • Edited

I'm lawyer, with a Master in Corporate Law, I used to have a great job in this area, but one day I spoke with a friend who is a swift developer, I felt in love for the developer career, It was just so fun watch all the changes and logic in front of my eyes, be "sure" that the code actually works, something totally different from my career, and the possibility to travel to other countries, meet new people and places, that's something that I couldn’t do as a Lawyer, so...I quit my job, pick my pc and start to learn how to code, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, etc..., now I'm moving out to another country, I don't know how hard it will be to land my first job, but even with that fear, I'm so happy of my decision.

Hopefully I'll update my story with a happy state, or maybe not, but at least I’m sure that I took the risk for do what I really love.

Thanks for the post, James!

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Abdul Ghani

All the best ♥️

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Daniel Fronde

All the best

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James Hickey Author

Woah! That's crazy (awesome)! You should def. start logging your journey. Especially with a master degree, you'll do fantastic.

Having that degree is like having a trick up your sleeve - you can present yourself as someone who is ambitious, intelligent, accomplished, a good communicator as a lawyer, etc.

Def stay in touch! Would love to hear how things go.

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Daniel Calderon

Thanks, James and everyone.

I'll log and share it eventually, maybe this could help someone who has some fears or it's no sure of make his decision.

Happy code!