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re: What about build and deploy time benchmark? Is it fast enough?

I haven't done a benchmark (not sure how to...).

As I am using a free tier of Netlify, I just checked about 10 deploy logs.

The build + deploy ranges between 4~9 minutes (I have many images and posts therefore, so gatsby is generating thumbnails, optimized images etc).

It's fast enough as it's a static content mostly and not updated frequently for my use-case (free, fast load time, and can test locally before publishing, etc.).


That's what I mean. I don't use Gatsby. But 4 minutes or more (for personal blog) is really slow. I use Hugo for my personal blog with hundred posts and few images, it's only takes below 2 minutes to build and deploy.

Build time is relative (to project size). And also, it's not just about build time.

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