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re: Is there a way I can use class abstraction to interact with React components? VIEW POST


Hi Tri.

Is there a way I can make it work without forceUpdate?

React is "state" driven. When you think of using forceUpdate, you are making changes to internal maze state and trying to re-render the component.

What you have to do is to put maze state in hooks or in state object. Changing the reference of the state should re-render.


I'm new to React. Which hook should I be utilizing if I'm doing something Grid-based?


There are two built-in hooks, useState and useReducer.

A Grid-based state using either useState or useReducer (useState internally uses useReducer). .

If you have other states such as loading, score, win/loss to be updated at the same time as the grid-based state changes, you might want to use useReducer, as it lets you update multiple states at once.

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