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re: What alternative do you propose? What language would be widely understood and has never been used by an oppressive culture?

Please, let's not get ridiculous. There's no feasible alternative to English. I've been writing about this since 2008. English unites us, regardless of native tongue, ethnicity, skin color etc.

It's a terrible argument to say

"English was used 200 years ago for something bad, therefore we should stop using English"

By the same logic, we should stop using computers because computers were used to perpetrate billion-dollar hacks.

Spot on. You could even expand further on it.
Don't forget that IBM provided the logistic systems that were used to run Hitler's concentration camps.
Swiped a Master-card recently when shopping? How about Visa, thinking about borders here...or American Express, which could be argued makes references to the US railroad system, built in part by slave labor. Where should we stop?

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