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Discussion on: Why GitHub renaming master is good

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Dan Dascalescu

I don't have a network of black developer friends with whom I can discuss whether this is an issue with

No worries, that would be too small and too localized of a sample anyway.

I've looked at the comments here and on Twitter. All back developers I've seen either didn't give a damn on the alleged connotations of the word "master",

Blacks don't give a damn


If renaming something will help remove the discomfort of some of those people, then we are being more inclusive.

... what if on the contrary, this whole discussion is unnecessary and actually makes black developers more uncomfortable than the word itself (which AFAICT wasn't a problem before)?

Black developer made uncomfortable

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Sherif • Edited

....should have read the rest of the thread

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Dan Dascalescu

I have. I'm quoting that tweet as an argument that some black developers have been made uncomfortable by the change.