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Discussion on: DevOps in 3 Sentences

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Dan Goerdt

Thanks Ash! I agree that custom development gets the DevOps and CI/CD spotlight, however, I see many customers applying these same processes and tools to packaged software and achieving the benefits you described. An example is Oracle E-Business Suite which is a packaged ERP that is customized heavily. Monolithic and 'legacy' technology, absolutely. But the speed, quality, feedback, and other benefits are there for the taking. Not the least of which is Happier Teams, great call out.

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Ash Isaac Author

+1, agreed. I have heard of Mainframe teams adopting and benefitting from DevOps as well. I tried to include use cases like your example by using the more generic term "software building" vs "software development". Also when talking about business value: "DevOps primarily applies to businesses that build or assemble their own software...". Thanks for highlighting this key point!