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Discussion on: I'll Admit It. I'm a Jealous Developer.

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Dan Goslen Author

Hi leob! Thanks for reading and responding.

Great points. Comparing ourselves to others indeed is a bad road. Unfortunately, I can't always control when I have thoughts of comparison.

What I hoped to accomplish in writing this was really what to do with that feeling when you have it. Instead of stewing and feeding it, maybe we can see a skill or a trait that is valuable and be inspired to go back and improve our own.

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leob • Edited on

I respect that, and I see what you're getting at.

However, I want to point out one thing which I think is important to realize - these things are often a result not just of talent but also of chance and of opportunities that presented themselves (or not) - things that people have stumbled upon or came across, chance encounters, and so on - there are ways you can "increase your luck surface" but you can't control everything in life.

But, I totally agree that it's important to be ambitious and above all to follow your passion. Most important is that what you're doing feels "right" to you (which is different for every individual).